Join the LXDE Community

Join the LXDE community and become part of an exciting project. The LXDE team welcomes contributors and supporters to the project! Become a developer, a documentation writer, packaging maintainer, tester, user supporter, blogger, journalist writing about LXDE or organize events and present LXDE. Join and help us to develop the fastest and most engery efficient system and get it out to everyone. Please, see the following for some ideas. We are looking forward to keeping in touch with you.

Download LXDE and try it out

The first step of joining is always to download the software and try it out. LXDE already works on many distributions. There are guides on how to install it with Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and many more in our wiki:

Alternatively you can also download LXDE at Sourceforge or a USB and Live-CD version at our website. Sourceforge Component Download:


Users are not only consumer. We believe users can be valuable contributors by using and testing LXDE and by offering their feedback. We invite you to test components from LXDE subversion for bugs. Please check out the bug tracking system at Sourceforge and start testing LXDE. Our Sourceforge Bugtracking System:

Translate LXDE and the projects documentation

Do you speak more than one language? LXDE is 100% volunteer translated, which means you can be part of the LXDE translation project translating the software and documentation thousands of people will use. Please join us at:

- The mailing list of the translation project at
- The wiki coordination page of the translation project at
- The forum of the translation project at

An easy way to join translation is also to start translating wiki pages. Check out the wiki in your language at . If your language is not listed yet and you would like to be a maintainer of wiki content, please contact us us and we will set up a wiki in your language.

Become a Developer and Submit Patches/Code Contributions

LXDE is a Free and Open Source project started in Taiwan in 2005 with the publication of the first component PCManFM. We are excited to join up and work together with people from all over the world. If you see a bug in the bug-tracker that you can fix, let us know and then go for it! All the information you need to checkout LXDE is on our Sourceforge pages.

LXDE at Sourceforge
Add patches in the tracker of LXDE
PCManFM and libfm
Add patches in the tracker of PCManFM
Developers mailing list
irc:// (English)
irc:// (Chinese)
irc:// (German)
We provide a web-IRC on More Channels

Become a LXDE Designer

Open Source means everyone can get involved - not only developers. Check out the LXDE design and browse the project page at sourceforge. Join us at the LXDE Design Project.

Our coordination page for the LXDE Design Project in the wiki is here
The forum for the design project is at

Read the blogs, check out the wiki, support users in the forum

LXDE blogs are written by developers, contributors, volunteers, and staff of companies supporting LXDE — stay up on LXDE related progress and news and start to get involved. For example on our wiki we are putting together a resource with solutions to common problems, how-to's, and other helpful information. Check out the resources on the LXDE websites and start contributing yourself.

Please visit the Wiki and do not be afraid to start editing, adding information, correcting errors or translating information:
Check out our Blog at:
Or find answers to your questions in the LXDE forum or support new users at:

Subscribe to a LXDE Mailing List

Please subscribe to an LXDE mailing list, influence future development by participating in discussions and get updates on LXDE projects. We are currently offering the following lists:

LXDE Developers
PCMan File Manager Developers List
LXDE Translation Project

Support the LXDE Cause on Social Networks

The LXDE community has its home all over the web. Show your support for the LXDE cause to create a faster, easier to use and more energy efficient desktop environment and join LXDE groups in social networks. Become a member in groups, a fan, a supporter of our common cause or set up your own social group to join up with people from all over the world.

LXDE at Facebook
Become a member of the LXDE Cause:
Become a member of the LXDE Group:
Become a Fan of LXDE:
LXDE on LinkedIn
Become a member of the LXDE group on LinkedIn:
LXDE on (also on KDE/XFCE/Gnome/

Promote LXDE

Write about LXDE, publish fotos, videos or any media you can think of. LXDE performs well on energy saving computers such as mobile devices and other low powered devices. Not everyone knows about this. LXDE is useful and can help many people in their lives. Support the community and promote LXDE. Write about LXDE on your blog, in forums, in your local community zine, in newspapers or simply tell others about it. We automatically syndicate microblogs (twitter, identica etc) and blogs using an LXDE tag in the LXDE planet and we invite continuous contributors to add their blog feed for our LXDE content syndication page at: . The syndication page Planet LXDE is here:

Support LXDE at Community Events

Set up a booth or a table about LXDE at open source community events! There are many events of the open source community all over the world. The core team of LXDE is simply not able to attend all events. You can support the cause of LXDE by making the project visible. Register as a member of the LXDE community at events, set up a LXDE info point and showcase LXDE.

Donate to the LXDE Community

If you enjoy and use LXDE please consider supporting the LXDE Community financially or as a hardware company donate hardware. The LXDE Foundation e.V. is a registered non-profit organization and accepted as tax-exempt. Its Articles oblige to spend all donations it gets to support the LXDE project. Please support the LXDE project by donating. Your contribution is very much appreciated!